There are two types of microlight - fixed wing or three-axis control  and flexwing or weight shift control

Where can I go in a microlight?

As a microlight pilot you are not restricted to flying only from airfields. You can land and take-off anywhere with the owner’s permission. Microlights can take-off and land in a relatively short distance so you can sensibly  visit friends by air. Apart from which small private airfields and grass strips are much more fun than the big commercial fields.  Advances made in recent years enable pilots to cover great distances - the Round the World record was set in 1998! Modern machines have approximately 4 hours duration and travel at up to 100 miles an hour - that's a long way in a straight line!

Is it Safe?

Most people want the assurance that the sport is safe - controls give that assurance;- the microlight comes under the law in the form of the Air Navigation Order laid down by Parliament and administered by the Civil Aviation Authority [CAA].  Although microlights look simple, they are very sophisticated and incorporate the most up to date aeronautical design and technology. They are all subject to aircraft registration, pilot licensing, instructor  rating, aeroplane airworthiness standards and noise certification. They are now officially recognised by the CAA as the safest form of aviation


The cost of owning a Microlight varies as much as that of buying a car. 1k - 60k And  many pilots share costs by being in a syndicate.    They have to be inspected annually and reach the regulatory standard to qualify for a permit to fly.  Insurance also varies depending on the extent of cover but most people buy comprehensive cover and passenger liability. They are easy to maintain, and use as little as one gallon of fuel an hour. The following gives you some idea of costs involved:-

Cost of Aircraft:   £5,000 buys a good second hand flexwing or fixed wing aircraft

Approx Annual costs: Permit - £150 [paperwork and inspection] -  Insurance - 3rd party from £75  Hangarage from £620 [semi rigged]  to £840 - or nothing if you keep it at home!  Air charts £28